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Measure and Understand Battery Aging with
Battery Dynamics.

Measure and Understand Battery Aging with
Battery Dynamics.

Find out how our high-precision battery test equipment and services help you develop long-lasting, high-performance battery systems. With modern diagnostic methods such as High Precision Coulometry and Differential Voltage Analysis, we are able to detect battery aging faster and more accurately, thus enabling you to continually improve your battery systems.

High-precision test equipment of the 100 A class for large-format battery cells, as used in particular by the automotive industry. 

The universal tester with 10 A test channels for high-precision testing of a variety of round cells and pouch cells.

High Resolution Battery Tester - Serie S

High Resolution Tester - Series S

In preparation: Test devices with numerous channels with 1 A for high-precision examination of button cells and laboratory cells.

Cell Holder for 18650 and 21700 cells


Stable and reproducible measurements due to reliable cell holders for round cells of the 18650 and 21700 formats or button cells.

We support you quickly and competently with battery measurements to determine the performance and aging of lithium-ion battery cells.

We help you to train your employees in the field of lithium-ion batteries and to solve current challenges.

High Precision Coulometry

High Precision Coulometry

High Precision Coulometry makes it possible to find out what types of aging side reactions take place in battery cells.

Differential Voltage Analysis

Differential Voltage Analysis

Differential Voltage Analysis shows how much the battery electrodes and the usable amount of lithium change over the course of battery life.


Innovative Startup

As a young tech company, it is our goal to support researchers and developers in developing powerful and long-lasting batteries in a shorter time period.

Technische Universität München

TUM Spin-off

After his time as a researcher at the TU Munich, Dr. Peter Keil founded the Battery Dynamics GmbH in 2018, which keeps close contacts to university research institutes.

Scientific Publications

Scientific Publications

Detailed insights into the aging of lithium-ion batteries are provided by the publications presented here in renowned journals.

We are hiring

We are Hiring

For the further development of our test equipment and the execution of our customer projects we are constantly looking for new talents joining our team.